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British wife & mother, slave to 3 kittehs. Officially award winning fanfic writer having come 3rd in Leap Back convention International competition. Now branching out from QL to Stargate. Also write picture books - trying to get published. In the words of the 'Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' I am 'mostly harmless'.


when you try to flick away a bug but it comes towards you instead


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Stargate SG-1 - Window of Opportunity


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I don’t care, you fool. Get out of my way. I’ll break it down myself.


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Recommended Daily Anderson 1.10.14

Recommended Daily Anderson 1.10.14

You all right?

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I am sooo enjoying reading these novels!

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“everyone has their off days” I tell myself 15 days in a row

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Jack: “Look, I know I should know this by now. I swear it’ll be the last time I ask.” | 2x16 A Matter of Time

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Stargate SG-1: Unending (requested by bethanyactually)

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We can’t just pick up where we left off can we?

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Recommended Daily Anderson 30.9.14

Recommended Daily Anderson 30.9.14